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March 5th-7th, 2021
March 26th-28th, 2021


"The Move of God that Addresses 
Every Wholeness & Purpose Need for Women
at This Critical Time in History"

The Lord Wants to Bring You Into Wholeness, Fullness, and Purpose!

80 Sought-After Speakers
3 Days - March 5-7, 2021

No Politics, All Jesus! 

Your Wholeness
Your Breakthrough
Your Word from The LORD
Your Open Door to the Purpose of God in Your Life

This is your invitation to be a part of World Women's Wholeness Summit 2021 where you'll learn to live whole, on purpose with the Lord, living and serving in your sweet spots, without hindrances...


Watch ONLINE by yourself, with a group of girls, or invite your whole Church!

Your donations help pay for the cost of this event and will be used to help women receive Jesus, and grow in Wholeness!


Follow the Wholeness Journey with Dr Barbara and the 3WS Speakers here... 
So much fun & LIFE of God!

It's been a rough season... and that was just yesterday!

Here's what you've been waiting for, hoping for, a fresh move of God that will drench your weary sole in wholeness, purpose, and hope. 

We will focus on what God is saying through His Word and prophetically. This is a move of God rooted in both the Word of God and Spirit. In addition, our World-class speakers come from diverse areas of expertise will bring real tools for wholeness and purpose in the Lord.

Get ready to have a deposit into your life that is "greater than you could ask or think" in your wholeness, sense of community, and purpose.

You will have access to these speakers COMPLETELY FREE💠 March 5th-7th. Sign up now!

This year you have the opportunity to experience the World Women’s Wholeness Summit with us! Tune in online for FREE or invest in yourself and join us LIVE at our in-person experience in Raleigh, NC.
It's been a rough season... and that was just yesterday!

Here's what you've been waiting for, hoping for, a fresh move of God that will drench your weary sole in wholeness, purpose, and hope. 

We will focus on what God is saying through His Word and prophetically. This is a move of God rooted in both the Word of God and Spirit. In addition, our World-class speakers come from diverse areas of expertise will bring real tools for wholeness and purpose in the Lord.

Get ready to have a deposit into your life that is "greater than you could ask or think" in your wholeness, sense of community, and purpose.

Pastor Darlene Zschech

Wholeness Rising in Her Lifestyle of Worship

Apostle Chuck Pierce

Wholeness Rising in Her Moving Forward

Dr Barbara Lowe

Wholeness Rising From Rejection to Belonging, Power, & Purpose 

Pastor Real Talk Kim

Wholeness Rising in Her Conquering Hell (Mourning & Moving)

Steffany Gretzinger

Wholeness Rising in Her Worship: A Lifestyle of Forever Amen

Dr DeeDee Freeman

Wholeness Rising in Her Overcoming Insecurities

Pastor Nicole Crank

Wholeness Rising in Her Moving from False Guilt to Goals and Greatness

Dr Tim Clinton

Wholeness Rising in Her Overcoming Her Traumatic Past

Tera Carissa Hodges

Wholeness Rising in Her New Definition of Herself

Johnny Enlow

Wholeness Rising in Her Pursuing Her Mission

Gari Meacham

Wholeness Rising in Her Food Struggles and Body Shame

Pastor Chuck Parry

Wholeness Rising in Her Walking in His Presence

Dr Randy Clark

Wholeness in Her Ministry from Supernatural Overflow

Apostle Patricia King

Wholeness Rising in Her Battle

Dr James Goll

Wholeness Rising in Her Supernatural Call

Robia Scott

Wholeness Rising in Her Conquering the Counterfeit Comfort of Food

Pastor Dawna DeSilva

Wholeness Rising in Her Warfare

Apostle Valora Cole

Wholeness Rising in Her Decreeing and Receiving

Wendy Pope

Wholeness Rising in Her Creating Unity

Pastor Wendy Treat

Wholeness Rising in Every Phase of a Woman's Life

Prophetess Ana Werner

Wholeness Rising in Her Laser Focus

Dr Elisa Harney

Wholeness Rising in Her Belly

Pastor Mia Wright

Wholeness Rising in Her Limitlessness

Jenny Weaver

Wholeness Rising in Her Soul

Lana Vawser

Wholeness Rising in Her Joy 

Katie Souza

Wholeness Rising in Her Body and Soul

Lisa Winans

Wholeness Rising as She Worships Her King

Sandra McCollom

Wholeness Rising in Her Spirit-led Transformation 

Leslie Vernick

Wholeness Rising in Her Core Strength After Destructive Relationships

Elizabeth Enlow

Wholeness Rising in Her Parenting Grown Children

Dr Susan B Mead

Wholeness Rising in Her 
Ever Deepening Faith & Joy in All Seasons

Pastor Rebeca Arguez

Wholeness Rising in Her Sense of Identity

Doug Addison

Wholeness Rising as She Responds To Her Prophetic Calling

Marilyn Hickey

Wholeness Rising in her Speaking the Word

Dr Candice Smithyman

Wholeness Rising in Her Living in the Supernatural 

Dr Gina Prince

Wholeness Rising in Her Finding Completeness in Christ as a Single Woman

Rosalinda Rivera

Wholeness Rising in Her Family from Ashes to Beauty

Dr Barbie Breathitt

Wholeness Rising in Her Bringing the Victory from the Spirit Realm to Her Real Life! 

Pastor Jeremiah Johnson

Wholeness in Her Living From Grace

Pat Layton

Wholeness Rising in Moving from Her Past to Purpose

Quinn Kelly

Wholeness Rising in Her Messy Motherhood Journey

Dr Holly Carter

Wholeness Arising in Her Walking in Purpose and Presence

Jewel Tankard

Wholeness Rising as She Understands the New Rules of Money

Nichole Marbach

Wholeness Rising in Her Mental Health

Shaunti Feldhahn

Wholeness Rising in Her Thriving in Love and Money

Tekoa Pouerie

Wholeness Rising in Her Leadership

Christy Johnson

Wholeness Rising in her Soul After Emotional Abuse

Pastor Sarah Bowling

Wholeness Rising in Her Heart

Pastor Sheryl Brady

Wholeness Rising in her Love Walk

Pastor Alex Seeley

Wholeness Rising in her Sense of Belonging

Stasi Eldredge

Wholeness Rising in Her Embracing Her Womenhood

Dr Benjamin Lim

Wholeness Rising in Her Spiritual Senses

Bishop Ron Lewis

*Live Event Participant*

Lynette Lewis

*Live Event Participant*

Pastor Verna Brown

Wholeness Rising in Her Emotions and Mission (after a Great Loss)

Apostle Jane Hamon

Wholeness Rising in Her Vision & Courage

Jackie Baker

Wholeness Rising in Her Prophetic Worship

Pastor Tim Sauvé

*Live Event Participant & 3W Summit Executive Director*

Natasha Hinn

Wholeness Rising in Her Mind

Rachel Awtrey

Wholeness Rising After The Tragic Loss of a Parent

Pastor Simone Bracken

*Live Event Participant*

Even more below...

What Do You Mean "Online Summit?"

If you have an internet connection, then you can be part of this event. During the event,  the sessions will be broadcast online to everyone that signs up (for FREE). 
No Travel...
No Tickets...
No Hotels...
No Childcare Costs...
We bring the experts right to you!

Tune in online for FREE or invest in yourself and join us LIVE at our in-person experience in Raleigh, NC.
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Over These 3 God Appointed Life-Changing Days, You will:

  • Celebrate the LORD & grow closer to Him.
  • ​Experience Freedom From Anxiety.
  • ​Reclaim HOPE for Every Stuck Place in Your Life.
  • ​Experience HEALING in Every Relationship.
  • ​Launch Into Your Purpose with Joy & Peace. 
  • ​Find More Success in Every Life Domain. 
  • ​Increase Your Effectiveness in Your Career or Ministry.
  • ​Exchange Loneliness for Belonging
  • ​Turn Your Grief Into Meaning and Joy in The LORD.
  • Understand Yourself and Others Better.
  • ​Gain Tools for Creating the Life You've Always Dreamed Of, EVEN in This Season!
  • ​Overcome Emotional Stuck Places.
  • ​Experience Healing in Your Sexual Self.
  • ​Find Contentment Where You Are Needing It.
  • ​Find Meaning in Your Trials and Launch Into Victory.
  • ​Trust God More With Your Body; Love You as You Are.
  • ​Get Free From Anxiety, Depression and/or Perfectionism.
  • ​Learn How to Move From Outcast to Experiencing God's Favor.
  • ​Get Free From Heavy Burdens and Find Peace.
  • ​Leave A Legacy for Your Children and Children's Children.
  • ​Know Freedom From Addiction.
  • ​Be Touched by God in Every Area of Your Life.
There will be resources and talks available 24 hours a day for the days of March 5th, 6th, & 7th, and also a live stream from 11am - 7pm EST each of those days.

More detailed lineups and schedules will be forthcoming via email from drbarbara(at) once they become available, but only if you sign up on the website. If totally FREE during the conference.

Meet Your Host

I’m Dr. Barbara and I have been given an assignment by the Lord to bring women into wholeness at this time.

I have seen women just like you transform baggage into a badge of honor. I have safely guided women through the ashes and watched them emerge to embrace their passions and live their fullest lives, overflowing with hope and purpose. I have walked through those ashes myself. I’ve seen what’s possible. I know that you can carry your whole story into the present and use it to create your whole self, in a way God always intended. You’re not who you are in spite of what you’ve gone through. You’re who you are because of it. Transform your vulnerability into power, your burdens into blessings. Become who you are meant to be.

Welcome to the Possibility of You!

What Others Like You Are Saying About The 3W Summit:

"I've never seen anything like this!..."

- U.U.
"My heart is in this!..."

- J.C.
"God is all over this thing..."

— R.L.
"This is surely a move of God..."

— S.G.
"I've never seen so many diverse speakers come together for one cause like this!..."

— A.O.

What Women Are Saying About Last Year's 3W Summit

Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in inviting speakers who are so “real” and so authentic about their struggles and brokenness. It really feels like these women are in my house with me thanks to the technology and that they are “friends”. I can already see where getting the all access pass will be a powerful arsenal for when anxiety wants to make an “unwelcome” visit at 3 am. I can welcome the Lord and turn on one of my new “girlfriends” to be real and go deeper. Thank you for giving me a tool to meet me in middle of my deepest pain and the brokenness where Jesus can be the biggest to me. Thank you to ALL your speakers who have given their time freely to share their hearts. ❤️
After watching Katie Souza I experienced healing in my knee. Had just moved it to wrong way when on a hike and it was swollen and a bit of pain, but I am able to have full mobility without pain. I felt God filling me as she prayed it was as if water was pouring in. I felt cooling sensations all over my body. The clicking in my elbow and toe that I had recently just asked if God could take away is no longer there either! 
As someone who is just starting to speak out about my struggles with depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, to see so many willingly telling there stories was encouraging it’s still hard for me especially in the area of childhood trauma and seeing these ladies moving and helping others beyond there issues gives me a little hope when I don’t know what my purpose in it is. It strengthened my commitment to my healing journey and made me aware of my distractions that were impeding that. Also, it showed me I can fully heal by leaning on Jesus more, hearing His voice more, and trusting Him more
This summit is God's answer to my specific prayer to hear from Him through a women's conference. I've realized that I am broken, how broken I was and that I can be made whole again in Christ.
I received healing in multiple areas. I feel as though God peeled back several layers of the onion of my life and healed deep soul hurts that had been unaddressed for years. He reiterated his love for me and reminded me of his promises. He breathed new life into me. It was very encouraging to hear the testimonies of the speakers. I'm reminded that I don't have to be perfect for God to use me. Wow, what a transformative weekend! Exactly what i needed. thanks for organizing this
It empowered me to hand the baton over to the Lord more willingly and detach my supergirl cape.
I was so blessed to hear the sessions I was able to join over the three days. I was built up and really felt the hard work you all did to pull this together paid off in so many ways I cannot describe. Just to hear other women openly share triumphs and disappointments and to know that I am not alone. Thank you so much for this incredible vision that you allowed God to use you to bless women. Dr. Barbara—thank you!!
The talks I listened to reminded me that no matter what happens, I will be ok. It was also good to hear respected women teachers boldly state that many of the current ideas about "ideal Christian womanhood" are not necessarily biblical; God's plan includes women walking in His power.
God uses every aspect our lives, the brokenness, hurts, shame, anxiety to work everything out for his glory. I am not a lone in this walk and I have God and a community of believers cheering me on. It is important to pray over the seeds that I sow into others and witness it fruits.
Amazing! I have bawled all day long. 😭 And to end with ..... Wow!!!! The Holy Spirit Power of Brokenness-what a true demonstration of the Love of God’s heart. The course of my life is changed. Thank you and know I love you 💜💜💜💜💜
God confirmed, encouraged, inspired, freed, set free and healed me!
Thanks sis for your obedience and for helping us girls in the kingdom live free like we ought to be!
O...M...G!!! SO GOOD!!!!! I received so many blessings!!! I even listened to the speakers that spoke on topics I had not experienced in my life, hoping it will give me more of a tender heart to reach out and help others. We are all hurting! Really valued the speakers on body image. I have ALWAYS struggled in this area, even though I've always been thin and I workout. God helped me realize this weekend that body image is actually an idol in my life and I want Nothing before HIM! Thank you SO Much for this incredible and valuable information that spoke to the cores of my soul! I never understand that anyone could ask to speak in tongues. I'm going to try it, but admit it makes me a little nervous. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience!!!!!
Thank You for the variety of women who were all so unique in their ministries. One of the women shared at the summit how to be free from anger and bitterness incurred by those who have hurt us. She shared communion with us and prayed and praised the Lord. I found this so helpful. I found the man Tim at the beginning of his talk so helpful in the sense that he understood people like me who have been really traumatized feel so misunderstood by the church and those closest to us. And this further traumatizes us.
It hit all of my tender spots in my heart. So much to think about and take in. It included so many sensitive topics I have not had a chance to talk to anyone about, nor really felt comfortable doing. I appreciated and felt the depth of every personal story and prayer. It was like a retreat!
I realized that it's not that I'm not good enough, I just don't have enough info!
Can I please be a part of the team next year? I don’t care if I have to get coffee, donuts, water! I just want to be in the presence of you AMAZING ladies and the power of God as he works and moves through you!!! You have my email and here’s my cell phone (.......)  What an awesome three days as I listened to women just like me walking through grief and healing to a place of WHOLENESS!! Thank you so much for the opportunity and I look forward to hearing from and meeting you ❤️🙌🏽💪🏾
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! This summit has been life changing!! Thank you for having a diverse group of women speakers as well. As a young woman of color I many times feel as if these types of conferences or womens gatherings are not for me because women of color are not normally included in the lineup, so again thank you. Truly speechless. May God bless you tremendously for what you have poured out for women all over the world!




Here are more of the 3W Summit world-renowned Speakers.
We cannot wait for you to join us!

Pastor Stephen DeSilva

Wholeness Rising in Her Finances

Pastor Andy Arguez

*Live Event Participant*

Brenda Crouch

Wholeness Rising In Her Divine Ambition

Dr Mark Sherwood

Wholeness Rising in Her Identification with Health, God's Way

Pastor Kara-Kae James

Wholeness Rising in Her asking the Hard Questions

Pastor Niki Hardy

Wholeness Rising in Her Battle

Angela Donadio

Wholeness Rising in Her Rich & Full Indentity

Dr Kim Maas

Wholeness Rising in Her Prophetic Knowledge

Dr Bob & Dr Audrey Meisner

Wholeness Rising after Her Desperate Cry

Dr Tracy Strawberry

Wholeness Rising in Her Heart after Hurt & Addiction

Dr Rhona Epstein

Wholeness Rising in Her Deliverance from Sugar & Food Addiction

Apostle Kathy DeGraw

Wholeness Rising in Her Freedom from Painful Generational Wounds & Sins

Carol McLeod

Wholeness Rising After Infertility or Chronic Illness

Pastor Yvonne Martinez

Wholeness Rising in Her Femininity and Sexuality

Mimika Cooney

Wholeness Rising in Her Doing What She Loves

Georgia Shaffer

Wholeness Rising in Her Bouncing Back After Major Setback

Pastor Stacy Henagan

Wholeness Rising after Her Disappointment

Hannah Keeley

Wholeness Rising When She has Mom Brain Fog

Pastor Michele Jackson

Wholeness Rising in Her Ashes to Beauty

Kathleen Cooke

Wholeness Rising as She Becomes a Thought Leader and a Culture Changer

Pastor Linda Seidler

Wholeness Rising Through Pain to Potential

Pastor Shaun Nepstad

Wholeness Rising in Her Launching into Ministry

Pastor Jenn Stockman

Wholeness Rising in Her Family: Rising to Create the Atmosphere of Jesus in Her Family

Dr Michele Neil-Sherwood

Wholeness Rising in Getting Her Booty Up Now! 

Ericka D James

Wholeness Rising in Walking out Her Prophetic Purpose

Dr Shannan Crawford

Wholeness Rising in Her Fulfilling Her Purpose with Laser Focus

Kate Battistelli

Wholeness Rising in Her Motherhood: A Message of Encouragement for Young Moms

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Wholeness Rising in Her Healing

Lisa Masteller

Wholeness Rising in Her Coming Out of Insecurities

Pastor Cyndi Barber 

Wholeness Rising in Her Soul after Abuse

Ugonna Ukwu

Wholeness Rising In Her Come Back after Disappointment

Allison Cartwright

Wholeness Rising in Her Workplace

Adrienne Cooley

Wholeness Rising in Her Overcoming Depression

Misty Phillip

Wholeness Rising in Her Overcoming the Dark Places in Her Life

Pastor Kristi Graner

Wholeness Rising In Her Dream Life

Dina Jones

Wholeness Rising in Her Friendships

Hosted by:

Isaiah 60:1 (NIV)

“Arise, shine, for your light has come,
    and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” 

1 Thessalonians 5:23 (NASB)

“Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 

Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV)

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’” 

The Women's Wholeness Summit Is For Your If:

The LIVE experience is limited to 100 guests due to COVID-19.
Sign up now to secure your spot and join us in Raleigh!

  • You feel weary and burdened
  • ​You are hurting and want healing
  • You want more from life and God 
  • ​Your relationships are challenging
  • ​ You have secret areas of brokenness
  • ​You want God to use your mistakes
  • ​You feel left out, left behind, or misunderstood
  • ​You have experienced reproductive loss
  • ​You are longing for dreams to be filled
  • ​You are looking for a new way forward
  • ​You have experienced the "Glass Ceiling" effect as a woman
  • ​You have been bullied or abused
  • ​You want to be a part of this move of God
If any of these describe you ... you MUST sign up for the World Women's Wholeness Summit 2021 All Access Pass. It's time.


Because it's where you'll be privy to how these top spiritual leaders are navigating their own lives to become more whole and strengthen their relationship with God. Even more important is the emphasis on women which is perfect timing for the plan that God has for us. 

What Today's Leaders Are Saying About The 3W Summit:

"My daddy was a preacher and traveling evangelist during the era when women were not allowed to speak in church. He always told me behind the scenes, “Your Mama is actually a better preacher than me, so I ask her to “testify” in my meetings, otherwise the men wouldn’t go for it. I think it’s a shame because the Holy Spirit uses her powerfully. You I have that same gift Vernie. I believe there will be those who pioneer new paths for women in your generation and you will have the freedom to be YOU! Don’t let anything stop you from walking out the destiny that God has for YOU! God will align you with a husband like myself that champions your calling. He will align you with others who will breakthrough and inspire the army of women that God is raising up for the end-time harvest. It will happen “for” and “through you.”.... I believe what you are doing is preparing more women like us to be thrust from the shadows into the LEGACY that God has destined us to carry!"
— Verna Brown, Sr. Pastor
"Amidst discouraging and destructive voices at every turn, Dr. Barbara Lowe brings an entire 3-day summit full of life-giving, life-changing voices sure to bring wholeness to millions around the world. I am deeply honored to be one of these voices."
— Lynette Lewis, TEDx speaker, author of “Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos"
“This is a conference like no other I have ever experienced. It focuses on the totality of the woman both inside and out. Each woman’s voice works together to bring another layer of healing and restoration.”
— Valora Shaw Cole
“I am thrilled to be a part of the 3W Summit 2020. For those of you who have felt broken and stuck in cycles of defeat, you will hear “your" story through the victorious testimonies and life-changing teachings of those who’ve been there! You will be encouraged, healed, and equipped to walk in wholeness through Jesus Christ! Dr. Barbara Lowe is warm, down to earth, and anointed by God to bring women of all backgrounds together to share their powerful stories so that you can be inspired and equipped to become all that God destined you to be! Tell every woman you know to tune in! You will be forever changed!” 
— Pastor Verna Brown
"The Whole World Women's Conference is staged to bring together a diverse group of speakers with a diverse group of participants, coming together with many differences but leaving as one group - changed within and poised to change the world around us. This is not an opportunity you want to miss!" "
— Dr. Laurel Shaler, Christian Author and Speaker, Counselor and Social Worker, Associate Professor, Liberty University
"In a world where we are pulled in so many directions, trying to stay grounded emotionally while dealing with day to day stressors can prove difficult. Finally, a free event with dozens of speakers. Whatever your STRUGGLE, you will find HELP here!"
- Jessica A Newsome
"I am thrilled to be a part of “soul winning, and winning soul territory (parts) of women" who’ve been held captive by the enemy and see them come into complete wholeness. Thank you for running with God’s vision for your life and facilitating a forum for that to happen!.."
— V.B.
"Women's lives are going to be changed for the better because of the 3W Summit! It's all about finding freedom and embracing your true worth. What an amazing resource!" 
— Dr. Shannon Warden, Counselor and Professor of Counseling

Three Days - Three Missions

Wholeness For All Women + Living in God's Purpose 
+ Unity & Community For All Women

We are believing for Three Million Women's Lives Transformed in 2021

Get Access To The World's Experts Who Will Help You Live In Wholeness & Bring You Closer To God

And THANK YOU to the Sponsors of the 
World Women's Wholeness Summit!

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